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Monitoring Equipment

CMS (Central Monitoring System) Defibmon (Defibrillator with monitor) Defib (Plain Defib)
ECG Machine Cardiomin 3C Ecg Machine Cardiomin (2k) Holter Monitoring System
Insusion Pump Pulse Oximeters Pulse Oxyscope (Pulse Oxymeter with ECG)
Medical Spirometer Stress Test Systems

Ophthalmic Products

Fiber Optic Products Fiber Optic Otoscope Fiber Optic Headband Diaphragm
Fiber Optic Otoscope (Item Code: 06) Fiber Optic Otoscope (POTO-220) Fiber Optic Spot Light
Direct Halogen Headlight with Loupe Shadowless Operating Light

Hospital Equipment

Centrifuge Machine Universal Drugs & Pharmaceuticals (DP-01) Dental Bulbs (DB-01)
Enema Syringe Digital Doppler : P-002 (A) Air Cushions - Round
Binocular Loupe (2.5 X) Mackintosh Sheeting (MTS) Goldman Halo-thane Vaporizers
Ishihara Book Trial Frame Rotating Foot Suction Unit
Continuous Passive Motion System Electrical Cum Manual Suction Unit Abdominal Support, Tummy Trimmer (Semielastic )
Asepto Syringe Breast Pump (PSW 203) Kellys Douche Pad
Hot Water Bottles Pipette Bulbs Anterior Commissioner Laryngoscope
Halogen Otoscope Animal Cage Cautery / Electro Surgical Unit

Obstetrics & Gyneconology

Plain Silicon Vacuum Cup Silicon Vacuum Cup with Release Valve M.R.Syring
MVA KIT Vacuum Extractor Electric Vaccum Extractor Set (Malmstorm Type)
Vacuum Extractor (Set Bird Type) Vacuum Extractor Set Graves Vaginal Speculum
Cusco Vaginal Speculum Vaginal Speculum, Sims Vaginal Speculum, Collin
Dilator Set D&C Set Delivery Set
Fetal Doppler Pocket model View Large Image Ultrasonic Doppler Unit Fetal Doppler Table Model
Nipple Shield Kiwi Complete Vacuum Delivery System

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