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Monitoring Equipment

Available with us is a wide range of Monitoring Equipment. Our range include CMS (Central Monitoring System), Defibmon (Defibrillator with monitor), Defib (Plain Defib), ECG Machine Cardiomin 3C, ECG Machine Cardiomin (2k) and Holter Monitoring Systems. These equipment are based on latest technology and are appreciated by customers worldwide.

CMS (Central Monitoring System)
Pal Surgicals
Our clients can avail from us high quality CMS, which is an A.P.C. Based central monitoring system. This is able to connect conveniently with other products offered by us like Multiparameter, Mediscope, Pulse Oxyscope. Oxypulse II and Defibrillator. Known for offering its 48 hours of storage capability, this can easily be connected to maximum 8 to 16 beds.

Defibmon (Defibrillator with monitor)
Pal Surgicals
We are a leading organization, engaged in manufacturing and exporting of high quality Defibmon (Defibrillator with monitor). This is offered with an in-built monitor and has all the 12 lead selection along with a five lead cable. Our clients can avail this high quality defibmon from us at competitive prices.

Defib (Plain Defib)
Pal Surgicals
Our organization offers high quality Defib (Plain Defib), which is known as a basic defibrillator along with an energy setting upto 400J. This is able to work on main as well as batteries and are most suitable for TMT rooms. The defib(plain defib) is being offered by us at competitive prices for our esteemed clients.

ECG Machine Cardiomin 3C
Pal Surgicals
We offer our clients Defib (Plain Defib), which is provided with a large screen along with an uncompressed wave form the display. Known for features like automatic adjustment of baseline, lead switching and amplication, this has a three channel display and print out. This is being offered by us in multiple printout modes like average report, running traces, rythm lead, diagnosis and measurement.

Ecg Machine Cardiomin (2k)
Pal Surgicals
(cat no. Pal the cardiomin 2k ecg)

our clients can avail from us ecg machine cardiomin (2k), which is known for providing an easy one one touch electrocardiogram. This also has a crisp, easy to read traces along with a clearly labeled ecg recording that includes speed and gain information printed automatically on the paper. This machines comes along with a carrying case and is known for features like easy paper loading and using of normal chemical coated paper.

Holter Monitoring System
Pal Surgicals
We hold expertise in offering high quality Holter Monitoring System, which is the most diagnostic holter recorder that is available in India. This has an advanced miniature portable CF flash card, which is used as a recording medium. The system is also provided by us with an auto event button and is known for its environment friendliness along with a 2 AA 1. 2 v alkaline battery that can support 24 hours recording.

Insusion Pump
Pal Surgicals
We are a renowned manufacturer and exporter of Insusion Pump, which is most compatible with many common brands of syringes that are available in India. This is also capable of using different types of syringes like 10ml, 20ml & 50ml. Multiple alarms are also available like K.V.O, low battery, near END, no syringe and Occlusion END. By simply clicking one time, this is able to increase as well as decrease the infusion rate.

Pulse Oximeters
Pal Surgicals
Our clients can avail from us high quality Pulse Oximeters, which is offered by us at competitive prices. Due to mete the varied requirements of our clients, these are provided with the accessories like conductivity cell, dust cover, standard KCL solution and instruction manual. The Pulse Oximeters are appreciated by our clients due to its quality and longer service life.
Technical Specifications:
Range 10 umho to 1000 mmho In 5 ranges
Resolution 0.01 umho
Accuracy (F.S) 0.5% 1 digit
Cell Constant Compensation Adjustable Display 3 1/2 digit LED
Input Frequency 1000 Hz
Temp Comp. Manual & Automatic (optional)
Dimensions (L x B x H) 210 x 190 x 90 mm
Power Supply 230 V 10% 50 Hz AC Ambient
Temp. 10 C to 50 C
Weight 3.00 Kgs

Pulse Oxyscope (Pulse Oxymeter with ECG)
Pal Surgicals
We bring forth to our clients Pulse Oxyscope (Pulse Oxymeter with ECG). This has a continuous display of oxygen saturation along with a pulse Rate with ECG and Plethysmograph. Provided with an individualalarm setting for SpO2 and pulse rate, this is known for its bright seven segment display. Along with this, it also has all the 12 lead selection ECG alongwith five lead cable and an optional battery backup.

Medical Spirometer
Pal Surgicals
We are engaged in offering high quality Medical Spirometer, which is a truly P.C. based pulmonary function testing machine. This has a bidirectional digital turbine that ascertains the maximum accuracy of the operation. The spiro meter offerd by us, can also be connected to any PC and has the capability to conduct the tests like FVC, MVV, SVC along with an automatic interpretation.

Stress Test Systems
Pal Surgicals
We bring forth to our clients high quality Stress Test System, which is one of the most selling systems offered by us. This has an easy window based software that ensures the accurate reading. Due to its reliable performance, quality and longer service life, these are widely appreciated by our clients across the world.

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