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Medical Equipment

Customers can buy from us different Medical Equipment such as Vital Signs Monitor, Ventilators, Padeatric Ventilators and Oxygen Concentrators. These items are offered in different specifications as per the surgical requirement. Our customers can buy these items at industry leading prices from us.

Vital Signs Monitor
Pal Surgicals
We are one of the well-known manufacturers and exporters of high quality Vital Signs Monitor, which is perfect for adult, neonatal and pediatric patients. It has large color leds for the numerical display and along with it high resolution LCD is provided for the trend tabular along with spo2 waveform display.
Standard Configuration (with lead acid battery)

Medical Ventilator
Pal Surgicals
Our clients can avail from us Medical Ventilator, which isknown for its Adaptive Bi-Le capabilities. Due to this, our ventilators is appreciated for features like optimum functionality, reliable operations and comfortable leak tolerant. This is designed for face mask, tracheostomy and cuff-less endotrachael tube ventilation.

Adaptive Bi-Level: It also works with a blend of two standard with various modes of ventilation. A pressure control mode of ventilation in which the end expiratory pressure as well as inspiratory pressure are also specified with the breath rate (patients can also initiate a breath)and I:E ratio. Our offered ventilator is known for features like pressure support ventilation, where breath termination can easily be controlled by the patient. This kind of ventilation mainly operates in a leak tolerant mode, where means that the ventilator would provide the patient disconnect alarms. The PIP and PEEP alarms, which are well aware of the continuous leak related with face-mask ventilation.

Adaptive FlowTM: Adaptive Flow permits the patient to get the amount of flow as per their requirements. This performs following 3 functions:

Adaptive I-Time TM This feature that can be activated in a volume mode, which facilitates the patient to take charge of the inspiratory time at time when keeping their in I:E ratio at 1:2. In this mode, the rate of the patient raises, the ventilator lessens I-Time in an effort to keep the 1:2 ratio and on the contrary would also increase the I-Time in case the rate drops

The increase time is an automatic and Adaptive I-Time is normally used in unison along with an adaptive flow, when these two features are combined dramatically, it increases the comfort patient comfort by

Pressure Limited Volume Ventilation:
The IVent201 is known for its capability to restrict the delivery pressure of the volume breath. This allows the user to defined a pressure limit and the pressure of breath would not exceed. This ascertains that the pressures would remain low enough for protecting the lung from barotrauma. If the set pressure is reached during its inspiratory phase then the ventilator would “hold” the breath at the defined pressure till the I-Time is reached.

For More Details see the attached File :

Pediatric Ventilator
Pal Surgicals
We are one of the prominent manufacturers and exporters of high quality Pediatric Ventilator. This Neoped ventilator system has proved that the simple & sophisticated respiratory care can also be affordable. The ventilators offered by us, is easy to operate and is also capable of supporting pediatric & neonatal patients, who have the respiratory disorders along with high level of accuracy.
Pressure Controlled & Time Cycled Ventilator System:

Oxygen Concentrator
Pal Surgicals
We offer our clients high quality Oxygen Concentrator that is manufactured using advanced technology by our expert professionals. Our oxygen concentrator ascertains quiet operation and are extensively used by many Hospitals, Medical Colleges and Nursing Homes. The oxygen concentrator offered by us, is light in weight and is also appreciated for its sleek design.

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