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Hospital Furniture

We have in store for our customers a wide range of Hospital Furniture like Ambulance Stretcher Trollies, Angle Poise Lamp/Examination Lamps, Hospital Fowler Bed (Ss Bows), Bed side Lockers, Bed side screen (4 panels), Electrical Operation Tables and others. These furniture are dimensionally accurate and offered in application specific designs.

Ambulance Stretcher Trolley
Pal Surgicals
(Cat No. PSW- 1008)

We are one of the proficient manufacturers of ambulance stretcher trolley. Our stretchers are very convenient to use and can be automatically folded using both right and left hand controls. These are made from high quality aluminium alloys because of which they are light in weight and have a strong structure. These stretchers come in lovely designs and are not bulky.
Following are the specifications:

Ambulance stretcher trolleys are use in hospitals in case of emergencies.

Angle Poise Lamp/Examination Lamp
Pal Surgicals
(Angle Poise Lamps are manufactured by us for our clients. These lamps are used while carrying our surgeries and examining the patients. Angle poise lamps are better known as examination lamps and are mobile. These lamps are equipped with stand-by power back up which can be used in case of emergencies.

Hospital Fowler Bed (Ss Bows)
Pal Surgicals
(Cat No. PSW- 1053)

Hospital Fowler beds, manufactured by us, are made of heavy duty steel tubes. The legs of the bed are H-type with casters of 10 cm diameter that can swing. Two casters come with brakes. Controls for knee rest and back support are provided at the foot end and can be manipulated by two separate screws. The head and foot bows are fitted with laminated panels. The bed comprises of four top-sectional perforated CRCA sheets which are pressed using machines.
Following are the specifications of hospital fowler bed:

Bed side Locker
Pal Surgicals
We manufacture bed side lockers for various hospitals in India and abroad. Our locker comprises of a stainless steel top and PVC fitted stumps. The legs are made from tabular pipe fittings. The bed side locker is coated with epoxy powders. Our bed side lockers are available at industry leading prices.

Bed side screen (4 panels)
Pal Surgicals
(We manufacture high quality Bed Side Screens which come with 3 folds. Curtains of size 66” x 96” are attached in the three folds. Casters of 5 cm diameter hold the tabular framework. Curtain hook springs are attached to the casters. These bed side screen are pre-treated and then coated with epoxy powders for longer life. We also provide bed side screen with 4 folds.

Crash Cart
Pal Surgicals
(Cat No. PSW- 1070)

Crash Carts, manufactured by us, have found their usage in hospitals for dispensing and transporting of emergency equipments. These crash carts are equipped with corner buffs, electric bulb holder, oxygen cylinder holder, laminated shelves and massage board SS IV rod. Four swivels casters of 125 mm diameter hold the tabular framework. Two of the casters come with brakes. Four removable bins, two polystyrene lockable storage units and three drawers form an entire crash cart. Epoxy powder coating is used paint these crash carts.

Dressing trolley
Pal Surgicals
We have in store for our clients dressing trolleys of tabular framework. The table made of CRC tubes are mounted on casters of diameter 7.5 cm. The dressing trolley comprises of two shelves which are covered by railing on three sides. Epoxy powder paints are used to coat these dressing trolleys after pre-treating them.
Our trolleys are available in following sizes:

Electrical Operation Tables
Pal Surgicals
(Cat No. PSW – 2005)

We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting Electrical Operation Tables which come with some standard accessories that include rubber mattress set, anesthetist screen, arm rest, wrist strap, padded shoulder support, lateral support and lithotomy crutches.

Following are some optional accessories that the customers can choose from:
Optional Accessories
The electrical operation table come in the following size:
Following are the positions:

Folding Stretcher (canvas)
Pal Surgicals
(Cat No. PSW- 1095)

We offer Folding Stretchers made of canvas, an extremely durable material. These stretchers can be used in the case of emergencies in the hospitals. Ambulances generally have these folding stretchers for transporting patients in and out of the hospitals. These can also be used for various sports in case a player gets injured. Our stretchers are light weight and are washable. They are made from aluminium alloys.

Foot Step Double
Pal Surgicals
Made from tabular framework, the foot step double is used as a stair for patients. The legs are fitted with PVC stumps. The top of both the steps is fitted with rubber matting. We manufacture high quality foot step double. It is available at extremely competitive prices. These steps are pre treated and then powder coated using epoxy paints.

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